Frequently Asked Questions

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Vehicle and Roof Rack Requirements

Most likely the one you have now! Most vehicles have the capacity to carry a roof top tent, you must check your vehicle's dynamic roof capacity. This is the most important number as it indicates
how much weight your vehicle can safely carry while driving.

The different models of roof top tents that we carry vary in weight – this means that if you have a smaller
vehicle with a lower dynamic weight rating, you will likely want to look at the lighter models – “The” Softshell or the Sky Loft.

After finding the right tent for your needs and vehicle, you will need to ensure your vehicle can support an appropriate roof rack system – you need to have cross rails to mount the tent to, and the same weight rule applies. The cross rails must have the dynamic capacity to carry at least the weight of the tent. This is especially important to keep in mind if you want to add accessories to your tent or rack.  

Please see our Roof Rack FAQ for more specifics.

Short answer: Yes! With two requirements..

You must check your vehicle's dynamic weight capacity to ensure it can safely drive while carrying the weight of the roof top tent, and pick a roof top tent model within your vehicle's carrying capacity. 

You will need to ensure your vehicle can support an appropriate roof rack system - you need to have cross rails to mount the tent to - the same dynamic weight capacity rule applies to your rack.

Short answer: Yes! With two requirements..

You must check your vehicle's dynamic weight capacity to ensure it can safely drive while carrying the weight of the roof top tent, and pick a roof top tent model within your vehicle's carrying capacity.

You will need to ensure your vehicle can support an appropriate roof rack system - you need to have cross rails to mount the tent to - the same dynamic weight capacity rule applies to your rack.

The simple answer: 

You must have a cross bar system on your vehicle that has a dynamic (while moving) weight rating of at least that of the tent model you wish to mount, keeping in mind if you plan to add accessories this will be additional weight. (Dynamic weight rating is important as it is the weight capacity that the cross bars can safely be carried while driving, while moving, the static capacity is typically much greater which leaves room for the added weight of people sleeping inside.)

Types of cross bar systems that work:

- Aerodynamic Cross Bars

- HD Cross bars 

- Full or mid Sized platform style roof racks for SUVs and Cars

-Truck bed racks/cross bars 

For SUVs and Station Wagons, having a longer rack system is recommended to have full operational use of the rear lift gate. 

This means a longer platform system if you're choosing a platform rack, or the ability to space your cross bars farther apart on your roof. 

A longer rack allows the tent to be positioned farther forward, preventing interference with the trunk door.

Please visit our page "What rack do I need for a roof top tent?" for more specific recommendations based on vehicle and tent models.

Roof Top Tent Use, Care and Storage

Your tent is 100% removable.

That being said, you can leave your SMRT Tent on your vehicle for the entire season if you prefer. Please ensure hardware is properly fastened before every trip.

If you are wanting to take your tent on and off between every trip, we suggest finding quick release brackets compatible with roof top tents.

We recommend always having a minimum of two people to lift a roof top tent on and off your vehicle.

When storing away, please refer to our proper use and care guide found in the install manuals for more information.  

Please visit our Install Instructions page. 

Depending on your vehicle, rack and roof top tent model, installs can vary in the degree of challenge. 

Please do not hesitate to call or email us and we will gladly help guide you through the install process. We can be reached via admin@smrttent or 1 (780) 887-3191.

There are a few options when it comes to storing your tent! Please visit our page on Off-Season Roof Top Tent Storage

Adding extra weight to your vehicle will inevitably affect your fuel mileage. We’ve tracked this as length, and there is a small change in your fuel economy, although it is not as drastic as you would think – even with our heaviest rooftop tent.

Your tent’s lifespan greatly depends on how much you use and care for it. With proper care, safe handling practices, proper winter storage, and average use - you should be seeing 5-10 years. This could fluctuate based on region, temperature, use rates, abuse, and terrain and if you have a Hardshell or Softshell tent.

One of our favourite questions. We can only speak to the SMRT Tents, but, yes! Though only if you are prepared mentally and physically to spend long nights in the cold. The tent will stand up to freezing temperatures and winds but the most important thing in the tent is you! 

Do you winter camp now? Do you have proper sleeping gear that is fully rated to sub zero temperatures? Do you have some experience sleeping through the night in freezing temperatures? These are the most important questions you need to be asking for your safety while winter camping. Your tent will keep you out of the elements, but the insulation R value is not good enough to keep you comfortable through a cold night without the proper gear needed to sleep in the cold. You should first educate yourself on proper winter camping techniques and gear.

Tip: Make sure to keep good ventilation in your tent (leave your windows cracked open), especially in winter, to prevent the buildup of condensation and CO2. Cold air is more dense, and so it is necessary to keep air flowing.  

No, you cannot use an automated car wash while you have a rooftop tent installed. The probability for tent and vehicle damage is extremely high. Instead, you can use a wand wash to give your vehicle the clean it needs. It's best to wash the rooftop tent by hand, and don't forget, if you get it wet, you have to air it out to dry.  

Whether its rain or snow, some moisture is inevitable when outdoors! You can absolutely pack up your tent when it’s wet. We suggest leaving your windows zipped up because that will help keep the moisture on the outside. Give it a good shake and get as much water off as you can before pack-up. Once you've arrived at your new location, it is imperative that you don't forget to open it up and air it out completely! Try not to leave it more than 36 hours – as soon as you can is best.  


Roof top tents are large and heavy items. They require LTL Freight (Less than truck load freight shipping). 

The Roof Top Tents (or large accessories) are banded onto a pallet for maximizing product safety while in transit. You can see an image of how these items leave the warehouse on our tent receiving instructions page. 

There are two shipping options for tents, both flat rate:

Ship to Local Depot - $199.95

  •  Item ships to a depot near the customer's area, the customer then picks it up. 
  • The depot calls when the package arrives and typically hold the item for up to 3 days.
  • You will have unlimited time to inspect your package for shipping damage. 
  • They are large and heavy items. Make sure you are equipped to load and transport your roof top tent, this may include bringing a friend (or two) to help.
  • Some people opt to complete their install in the depot parking lot, to make transportation easier. 

Door to Door - $395.00

  • This delivery service will bring the palletized tent to your residence or provided address. They will call before delivery providing a 4 hour window for delivery - they can arrive anytime in this window.
  • This include drop tailgate services - this means the driver is responsible to get your tent from the truck onto the drop tailgate and lowered onto the ground.
  • You have 15 minutes to inspect the package, this is crucial - please visit our tent receiving instructions, a mandatory read.
  • It is then your responsibility to get the tent from there to a location of your choosing.
  • Keep in mind:
    • Tents are large, heavy items, up to 195 lbs, you may need a friend or two to help you move the tent.
    • A large delivery truck will be making the delivery - the address you provide must have adequate room for the driver to maneuver the truck and stop at the drop off location.

Tents will typically arrive anywhere from 3-14 days after they are shipped out; you will get a call to set up a delivery time on the day of delivery, or a call to notify you your order is ready for pick up - depending which shipping option you chose.

Please keep in mind once the item is with the shipping carrier it is out of our hands - if you would like your roof top tent for a specific date we encourage you to give a generous window to give time for both the delivery and time for you to install and familiarize yourself with your new roof top tent. 

We require that anyone ordering a tent review and agree to our tent receiving instructions, this information could really save your butt. 

Please visit this page for specifics on what to do if your roof top tent is damaged during shipping. 


Simply add what you'd like to your cart and check out! If you're having trouble, you can contact us at and we will be happy to assist you. 

Our large items, such as roof top tents and some of the accessories, are shipped via LTL Freight. There are specific instructions when it comes to receiving your package, and inspecting the large items for shipping damage. 

This is mandatory because reading these instruction can save you a lot of time, money and hassle should your package have any shipping damage. On the change your package was damaged in shipping, following these instructions correctly will enable us to send you a replacement, which would be the best of a worst case scenario! 

You can review these instructions here.  

You will get up to date tracking information via email from our website. This happens upon the order being processed for small items. Please note that for roof top tents this tracking information is delayed due to the need to receive this information from the LTL Freight carrier, you will be provided this information as soon as we have it - when your tent is picked up from the warehouse.

With Roof Top Tent orders, you will also receive a call notifying you of delivery time or pick up availability. Please see shipping FAQs for more specifics.

If you wish to change or cancel your order please contact us immediately at, or call or text us at 1 (780) 887-3191.


Please let us know within 24 hours or purchase time, this will help your chances at cancelling or changing your order without having to complete a return or exchange. If your order has left the warehouse you will have to follow our return policy instructions. You will receive a full refund (less 3% to cover transaction fees charged upon intial purchase) if you cancel prior to your item being shipped.


We have a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days after placing your order request a return, including Roof Top Tents.

SMRT Tent accepts returns of unused, regularly priced (not sale) products. This means returns will only be accepted in brand-new condition in their unopened original packaging. The return must be requested within 30 days of purchase (not delivery) date. Damaged items are not accepted, please refer to our Tent Receiving instructions to learn what to do in case of receiving an item that has been damaged in shipping. 

For a full overview of our return policy please visit our returns page.

Warranty Policy

We believe the best warranty policy starts with prevention. That’s why we are dedicated in our manufacturing processes to bring you a durable and reliable product! If by chance you find a defect in
workmanship, please reach out. P
lease visit our Warranty Page for all the details.