All tents and large awnings are shipped via Freight. 
Canadian orders are shipped via various carriers.
There must be someone present to inspect and receive these orders. 

All other packages are shipped via Canada Post and delivered directly to the provided address. 



You (or someone able-bodied over the age of 18 with sound judgment that you have designated) must be present to inspect and receive the delivery, this includes checking for shipping damages, deciding whether to accept or refuse the delivery and signing. These items will not be left without a signature accepting the package. Please note, regardless of the shipping method you choose, when accepting your tent you will be responsible for bringing the tent from where it is dropped off to a safe place of your choosing. Given that they are large and heavy, we recommend having a friend or two available to help you, this is not the driver’s responsibility and if they help you additional costs may occur.

Refer to the image provided below to see how tents leave the warehouse - this is also how they should arrive.

It is crucial that you thoroughly inspect the tent for any damages as soon as it is delivered, before the delivery driver leaves. No package will leave the warehouses with damage, though potential mishandling during the shipping process can result in damage that we have no control over. You are entitled to 15 minutes to inspect the package - do not let the driver rush you, as a thorough inspection is CRUCIAL. Please note that the driver cannot help you with this. 

The pallet and banding is used to protect your items through the shipping process. If they arrive unbanded, laying flat or off of the pallet, this means the items have been moved and repackaged - this is much more likely to have damaged the tent. 

How to inspect your order:

As the package arrives for your inspection, take photos throughout the process of how the package arrives on the truck, the pallet condition, all sides of the boxes, etc. Search for evidence of shipping damage by carefully examining all sides of the box(es). If the package arrives and you are comfortable with the condition it arrives in, go ahead and accept your tent. 

If you suspect damage to the items, you will only be able to open the box for further investigation if there is visible damage to the package. If you suspect there is damage, though the box looks intact, the driver may not allow you to open it - should this happen you MUST write “DAMAGE NOTED” and get an exception number from the driver. With the exception number you will be able to further inspect the tent after the driver leaves and give you the option of filing a claim with the carrier. Without this number, you may not be able to file a claim. 

If you sign for a damaged item with no exception number, you will own the product in the condition for which you signed. Should you need to get an exception number, be sure to keep all original packaging as it must be available for inspection until your claim is complete. 

If there is shipping damage:

If you are certain your tent is structurally damaged, you must note this within the 15 minutes.  Write “Damaged - Do Not Accept” on the shipping form. You MUST REFUSE THE SHIPMENT. If this unfortunate situation should happen, please contact us ASAP at so we can begin the process of getting you a replacement. 

 Things to consider when your tent appears damaged: 

  • If the damage is minimal and cosmetic, consider if you would be content with the items in that condition. You could consider keeping the tent and filing a claim with the shipping carrier for compensation regarding the damages. 
  • Confirm we have a replacement available.
  • Keep in mind that a used or damaged tent is not returnable, and if you sign for a damaged tent you now own the tent in the condition that it arrived. 


Reach out to our talented team and we will be happy to help to the best of our ability. 


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Phone: +1-780-887-3191