The Point of a Roof-Top Tent

Let’s first define what exactly is a rooftop tent. It is precisely as it sounds, its tent that is fastened to the rack of our vehicle.  Your camping accommodations are always on standby with a comfortable mattress in the tent.  

If a rooftop tent is something you have thought about exploring, then this is the blog for you! We will share why a rooftop tent is something every outdoor enthusiast should invest in. 

Sense of Security

Unlike a regular tent, a rooftop tent is set high above the ground, far away from creepy crawlies or large predators. In a ground tent, you are more vulnerable to encountering wildlife.

 Remains Clean

The height advantage provides a clean sleeping space because there is no chance of dust or dirt getting inside your cozy tent when it is 6-7 feet above the ground. Even dusting off your shoes in a regular ground tent can mean dirt is all over inside your tent. Still, you won’t have to worry about that with a rooftop tent because you can dust off your shoes at the ladder and climb up dirt free without taking any of it inside your sleeping space. Besides that, the amazing ventilation provided by air circulation at that height ensures a fresh air space inside the rooftop tent.

 Rain Protection

Ground tents usually do not have a thick enough undercoating to prevent them from getting wet when it rains, and water accumulates on the ground. Roof top tents are placed on a hard surface on top of your vehicle, safe from all elements, and their top cover is designed to repel water, preventing water accumulation.


You will rarely find a plain surface to put your tent on in the wild, and when you do, that spot will probably have rocks, roots and whatnot to make it an uncomfortable surface to sleep on. No matter what mattress you put on that surface, it will not give you proper comfort. A rooftop tent, on the other hand, will have a flat hard surface on the bottom, having a comfortable memory foam mattress giving you the comfort of your bed.


Roof top tents are very convenient to use as it takes only a minute or two to deploy or pack up. Open the latches, and it will pop right open! Afterwards, fold it open and set up any additional features it has, and there will be no poles to set up, making the entire process quick and easy. Another major plus point is that you will not have to pack your bedding; just leave it as is and it will remain secure until the next time you deploy your rooftop tent.

When it comes to mobility, rooftop tents are just like RVs! Park wherever you want, and you’re good to go, as long as it’s a flat surface. Space should also not be an issue because the rooftop tent will be on the roof of your vehicle and will not take up any space. A setup like this is super convenient for campers who spend one night at a spot and move on because packing up your tent, sleeping back, and everything else daily get tiring quickly. Consider the rooftop tent a very inexpensive alternative to an RV and can go where no RV could ever access.

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